sanipad-systemA uniquely conceived line of products which keeps people in mind, works discreetly and guarantees incontinent to be at all times comfortable and at ease, never embarrassed again..


The 100% cotton skin-contact is so effective that it reduces urine burns and incidence of decubiti. The triple comfort system ensures a special inner airflow creating a pleasant, fresh comfortable cushion. Finally a system that really works for the incontinent, for the staff and for the institution.


SANIPAD products ensure a perfect and secure comfort. Simple to use, efficient and most of handy, they avoid large inventories. Thanks to the high quality materials, they resist over 300 washings making them decisively superior and more convenient than disposables.


Green Pad

Easy to use, eliminates normal bed changes.

Avoids decubiti sores and heat buildup.

Unique non-slip fluff backing holds it firmly flat in position.

Tuck-in Sheet

No more anti-hygienic rubber sheet nor top draw sheet.

Avoids decubiti sores and heat buildup.

100% cotton skin contact ensures a fresh and secure comfort.

Cotton tuck-in wings keep firmly in place and can also be used to clean and towel patients during changes.

Strong and resistant can be used as lifter.

Avoids decubiti sores and heat buildup.

Mattress Cover

Total protection against liquids and dust.

Resistant end elastic, eliminates crinkle of plastic fabrics with soft non-slip-fluffy surface shield.

Prevents heat buildup.

Indispensable for all institutions

Pillow Case Cover

Indispensable for a secure impermeable protection of pillows.

Efficient envelope closure.

Comfortable, soft, non-slippery, hygienic.